If you are after a unique and stylish feature for your home, look no further than Spiral Cellars, the UK’s market-leader in wine cellars, which has created over 3,000 wine cellars in the UK. Spiral Cellars designs, crafts and installs a range of cellaring options, from premium wine cellars to beautifully hand-crafted wine rooms.

Established 35 years ago, Spiral Cellars is uniquely positioned because it understands the complexities of cellaring wine to create the perfect climate and environment to keep it in optimum condition. And, as wine cellars become an increasingly desirable feature of properties to showcase prized wine collections, but also as a design statement to suit traditional or contemporary interiors, Spiral Cellars has the experience and capability to design and install the right cellaring solution to meet clients’ needs, depending on capacity requirements, their personal taste and style, space and budget. 

Where possible, Spiral Cellars employs a policy of sourcing from British manufacturers and works closely with UK suppliers to source materials, fixtures and fittings to ensure the highest quality end product.

For more information about Spiral Cellars, please visit www.spiralcellars.co.uk

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